Friday, February 22, 2008


Me and Alan went out for lunch at No 1 shushi bar, it was open about 2 weeks ago so we just want to know what it like...yep .it was good but doesn't have much choice for you to choose..mewww anyway we took awalk back to the park and took some photos than i head back to work...ohhhhhh boring..timmmmme )))0

Friday, February 08, 2008


HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008 ))):
On new year eve we went to Thai resturang on hanover street ....yammy yummy thaifood it,we enjoyed the wine and the food is fantasic than we head off to street party ,we get lucky got cheap ticket from someone tried to sale it for us JUST £5 for ONE EACH. Its still beautiful firework in Edinburgh,we went back home early for many many many drink still waiting for us ....))):

Thursday, February 07, 2008


Marry Christmas

Boring movie im better go and waitting for Turky));

Tar look at camera

Alan with Tar

This year i spent christmas with Alan'family in Kames,its really small village with bule sea view in front the house,we went out for walked but i haven't enjoy much cause the weather is was a bit rainning and cold,we haven't did anything much really.We were watching TV,playing with Tar (Alan's dog) and we had drinking a lot of wine. In christmas night we went to the pub(its only one pub in the village) we were playing pool with local people and went back home by 5 minits walking . I was opend my present from santa's Alan...Wooooo Wuuuuuu Huuuuul...i got diamond earing ....thank you santa. We went back to edinburgh on 27 cause i have to work in the afternoon....boring)));
P.S.been late update cause too much work to do))0

Monday, December 17, 2007

Phuket with sister

Phi Phi Island

Ohhh dear this is my sister after we been apart for 4 years...00

I spent a week in PhiPhi Island ...its still beautiful after tusnami in boxing day 2005 . I havent done anything much really but still enjoyed and look forward to see my sister in Phuket tomorrow.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Bangkok Update

After spent a week with my parant'house i moved ahead to bangkok to met my young sister and i had spent time with her for 4 days before i head off to Phuket to met anther sister there . I spent most of my time in pub and coffee shop waitting for my sister off work. Notthing more than drinking ,talking with some frog .

Friday, November 23, 2007

Thailand New Update

my dad's farm
my new puppy

me and Leo

take a walk in my dad's farm

Have the rest for 2 secound

Waitting for mum 2 pick up from the hotel

I'm gonna buy this one heeeeeeeeeeee!

Take the photo with MISS Country WORLD ...( my mum )

After moved out from my boyfriend after been together for while,i don't want to think about it cause it too manything heppened till i couldn't believe nightmare,go to hell or whatever but it is real ,i hard geted my head together so its might be the time i should go back to see my family ..And this is my home ..still home .